Riviera Produce

In 1993, Riviera Produce began providing top quality fresh fruits and vegetables to the food service industry across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Our customers include hotels, hospitals, schools, corporate dining rooms, foodservice chains, country clubs, and some of the top gourmet restaurants in the world. Whether their creations are fancy or home style, our chefs demand the best and we aim to supply it. In our industry, you are only as good as your last delivery, so Riviera works constantly to improve. Produce is our only business and this focus has enabled us to purchase directly from the world’s best growers. In addition, our network of local farmers has been growing and we continue to pursue our interest in organics and sustainable farming. We have introduced our own line of fresh organic produce under the Riviera Farms and Sir Real labels. The successful alliance we have created between our chefs and farmers means a year round inventory of thousands of items every day. Now virtually nothing is out of season.

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